We regret to announce that Shallow Space has been cancelled.

About a year ago we designed a new client that ticked a lot of the boxes that the community were looking for originally but we struggled to include, as time went on it became clear that the decision was contentious as it would remove a lot of the current look and feel.

We have to admit that it would have been quite a different game to what it is currently on Steam now.

There was also have a lot of legacy to deal with. It is highly unlikely that we’d have been able to cut though the negative reviews and press even if we were to create something amazing and frankly it has been soul destroying to even try. Even as we tried to rescue the project, people would continue to pile on negative reviews. To punch through that negativity we would have needed one hell of a marketing campaign which again, was not possible with no funds.

In the absence of funding we intended on it being a part time affair, driven by a couple of the original team members. But coding and community management don’t really mix, personally I found myself feeling the effects of burnout yet again and the team had mixed feelings on the direction the project had decided to take.

In addition, with no funding, there was no hope of producing additional required assets that matched the expensive stuff we already had and we only had half the models needed. Trying to raise additional funds by selling the original assets elsewhere didn’t work.

Hardest thing ever to admit defeat, but we simply don’t have what it takes to finish this financially or mentally. Thanks to all the fans, there are other strong projects continuing the good fight, look forward to seeing them unfold.